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He is one of Funimations best character actors.

– Chris Sabat

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I am a classically trained thespian and school teacher who not only enjoys voice acting but teaching others about the excting world of voice acting. Be sure to catch me at your favorite convention and say hi!

Featured Works


William T. Spears

Most sinister and violent Grim Reaper in Black Butler. One of the chief protagonist to Sebastioan and Ciel.

One Piece

Bon Clay

A member of the criminal organization Baroque Works who fought against the Straw Hat Pirates using his Clone Clone powers to mimic any of the crew. Eventually becomes great friends with Luffy and they go on all sorts of wild adventures.

Little Demon

Soul Eater

The creature that appears within Soul’s mind after having gotten the Black Blood within him from Ragnarok, the oni-appearing creature representing the Black Blood within him. He can distort the truth to Soul by only speaking partial truth and manipulating the manner in which he says things to him. 


Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

Yoki was once a corrupt member of the military who imposed heavy taxes on the town of Youswell, bankrupting its citizens. The Elric brothers eventually trick Yoki into giving up ownership of the town before promptly reporting his actions to the military. He was stripped of his rank and lived as a homeless person on the outskirts of Central. After many failed attempts to restore his life Yoki is forced to work for Scar under the threat of death.